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Monday, December 18, 2006

First 25 non resolutions

1. get a futon
2. buy more socks and underwear
3. get an ironing board and iron (done)
4. increase wardrobe selection, especially in the area of pants and sweaters
5. iron shirts regularly
6. be a better reporter
7. break diet less frequently than in 2006
8. maybe get a new laptop, one with an "n" key and working CD writer and that doesn't sound like a 747 getting ready to take off.
9. attain competency level of French
10. go to france
11. read _Le Plaisir du texte_ in the original
12. become a morning person
13. clean the cat box every day
14. get more and bigger plants
15. play bass again
16. undertake less night driving
17. finish the sunday Times by the end of Monday at the latest every week
18. blog daily
19. finish ulysses paper by march (still not done 4/21)
20. finish transmet paper
21. publish aforementioned papers.
22. get a new paper idea
23. sustain fewer shaving injuries
24. floss
25. get more frequent haircuts, so as to avoid sudden beast/man transformations that confuse and frighten friends and co-workers



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