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Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Here I shall post the resolutions to last year's New Year's nonresolutions. I've obfuscated the unresolved nonresolutions; but if you really care to see what they are, you can still find them on this blog. I've also added a few accomplishments that weren't on the list to compensate for the obfuscated unresolved nonresolutions.

My 2008 nonresolutions to come soon. I've given myself until the end of January to come up with 100, and I'm most of the way there.

-- Ed.

Part 1 -- general

1. get a futon (got a couch instead)
3. get an ironing board and iron (check)
6. be a better reporter (slightly better, I think)
15. play bass again (and how!)
19. finish ulysses paper by march (finished it a few days before Bloomsday)
25. get more frequent haircuts, so as to avoid sudden beast/man transformations that confuse and frighten friends and co-workers (I'm on a bimonthly haircut)
-- start Ulysses reading group

Part II -- Books to read that are already on my self
26. Bronte, Wuthering Heights (on tape)
27. Pynchon, Gravity's Rainbow
28. Dante, Divine Comedy
38. Stapeldon, Last and First Men
44. Faulkner, The Sound and the Fury
-- Joyce, "Dubliners" (on tape)
-- H.G. Wells, The Time Machine
-- H.G. Wells, The Invisible Man
-- Disch, The Prisoner

Part III -- books not on my shelf
56. Swift, Gulliver's Travels
57. Capek, "Rossum's Universal Robots"
-- McCarthy, "The Road" (on tape)
-- Adams, "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" (on tape)
-- Kafka, "The Metamorphosis" (and other stories) (on tape)
-- Steinbeck, "The Pearl" (on tape)
-- Twain, "The Man who Corrupted Hadleyburg" (on tape)

Part IV -- movies
77. A Scanner Darkly
80. Pan's Labyrinth
-- Wild Strawberries
-- The Seventh Seal
-- Half Nelson
-- The Simpsons
-- War Games
-- Real Genius

Part V -- music
-- Boston Symphony -- February
-- Josh Dion Band -- May @ Bishop's Lounge
-- Roswell Rudd/Mark Dresser -- October @ UMass
-- Fred Anderson/Chad Taylor -- December @ UMass
-- Les Savy Fav -- December @ Pearl St.

Part VI -- other art
-- The Clark Art Museum in Williamstown -- February
-- Museum of Natural History NYC -- July
-- Leonard Nimoy: Sekima and the Full Body Project - N'ton, R. Michelson Gallery -- November



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