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Monday, December 08, 2008


Bruce Sterling sez:
Since we need a new word for neologism, I've decided to make one up. A word like "Eamespunk" is a "chronologism." It's not exactly cant, lingo or jargon, but it was designed with a short semiotic shelf-life. Some neologisms survive, most rapidly become archaeologisms, but a "chronologism" is *recyclable, 100% organic* neologism meant to decay gracefully and enrich the cultural compost.
We need a new word for neologism? e.g. a neologism for "neologism"? News to me.

The use of "semiotic" above is a bit imprecise; Bruce, God bless him, means either connotative or denotative. Eamespunk is the hipsterization of the work of 1950s kitsch furniture designers Charles and Ray Eames, btw.

"Archeologism" doesn't mean what the author means either; rather, it is the exhuming of past practices, antiquarianism, even reversion to primitivism.

But I am intrigued by the idea of "chronologism."



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