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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Draws the eye

This ubiquitous Web advertisement doubtless has produced a tidal wave of rollovers.

Alas, once one has clicked through, one won't find any more photos of this fetching young lass and her cleavage, er, white teeth.

I've seen this ad many times before, and snorted. Today it managed to distract me from a story on the Press & Sun-Bulletin site about the Binghamton massacre. Very inappropriate juxtaposition indeed. Once I finished the story, I clicked through to investigate.

It links to a thinly disguised product review site dominated by Crest schwag. At the bottom is a special note to the ladies:
"Aside from your eyes, which first impression characteristic do people usually remember about you? Think about it! A whiter, brighter smile equals youth and friendliness!" (emphasis in original)
Speaking purely for myself -- male chauvinist that I am -- I would have to say that as far as Crest girl here is concerned, the hierarchy of remembrable "first impression characteristics" is clearly as follows:
1) cleavage
2) tie for teeth and bared shoulder
3) hair
4) eyes

UPDATE 8/23: The image file linked to above appears to have been cropped! There is now barely any hint of cleavage.

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