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Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Re: news aggregation, this snip from PBS's MediaShift:
Craig Kanalley, founder of Breaking Tweets and now with the Huffington Post: "My media wish for 2010 is for news companies of all kinds to put aside differences of the past, egotism and self interests to work together. News organizations in 2010 should link to each other (yes, the competition)..."
MassLive has already started doing this. The site affiliated with the Springfield Republican now routinely offers "AM News Links" and "PM News Links," leading predominantly to traditional media organizations' web sites, some blogs, and always a Twitter search of #westernma.

Frequently the links point to GazetteNET, which is surprising, because the Gazette is the Republican's main competition in Hampshire County. Both papers covered the recent arson fires extensively; but the Gazette, with more reporting staff to bring to bear in the city, simply published more about the incidents.

MassLive loses nothing by linking to the competition. It's created a recurring feature in a digest of news from outside sources, which probably increases its own web traffic. And it benefits the sites to which it points.

It may even be a boon for GazetteNET, which keeps most of its content behind a paywall. Who knows, maybe someone will be interested enough in a headline from MassLive to buy a $1.99 weeklong GazetteNET subscription, the next best thing to making a micropayment.

More likely, they'll surf somewhere else.

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